Career Workshops

Career Workshop #1: Warner Bros. Inside Scoop Session

When applying for internships this past semester, Warner Brothers Discovery was a company that piqued my interest as a PR major. On Feb. 28th they held a Virtual Extra Credit Session: Get the Inside Scoop on WBD’s Intern Program. They are a global multi-media company ranging from technology, design, distribution, marketing, and many other things. This internship is a paid opportunity where students get to experience first-hand what it’s like work with professionals that are the best in the industry. 

During this “Extra Credit Session,” we were getting tips and advice from four professionals who had already worked within and for the program. We spoke with a current intern, a brand specialist, an early talent manager, and the director of the early talent program. They began the session by going into what they as a company deal with when it comes to media platforms. The platforms ranged from Television, Movies, Games, News, etc. We were told about what the internship program offers, the application process including the timeline, tips on how to get your resume noticed, what to have in your portfolio, how to prepare for the virtual interview, and how to properly brand your LinkedIn Profile. 

This session was helpful to me because I was able to learn how to adjust certain things on my resume, LinkedIn, and portfolio to get noticed by recruiters looking for interns/grad students. I highly recommend any arts or media major attend one of their sessions throughout the semester. They give a lot of insight into what to expect on the job. 

A slide from the Zoom presentation.

Career Workshop # 2&3: 

2023 Spring Job & Internship All Majors Fair Day 1 & 2 

On March 21st and 22nd, Kennesaw State University hosted an all-majors career fair. During this job and internship fair, students were able to walk around and pitch themselves to potential employers to gain employment or just make a networking connection. On both days the fair was filled with many employers but the downside to this was that there weren’t many employers looking for Humanities, specifically SOCOM students. Walking around the fair was very discouraging as a student that isn’t a Criminal Justice major or in STEAM. For both days there were only 4 employers looking for a SOCOM student. 

The networking angle of the career fair was also a false reality. Most of my time spent there was speaking to various employers, giving copies of my resume but I had no luck in speaking to anyone who knew of other recruiters needing an intern in my field. When it comes to how the fair is advertised, it gained the interest of me and my peers. I would have just liked to think there would be more opportunities for those not interested in Sales, Law Enforcement, Retail, and healthcare. 

In the end, I regret going to the fair. I will say that it did help me with my fear of speaking to employers and I got to practice my career pitch. Aside from that, I gained no new connections and didn’t get any employment opportunities. KSU needs to do better when it comes to getting employers from various fields to attend their job fairs. 

Flyer that was posted on Handshake.